Our story

in a land far, far away....

The Onyx Duo was born upon the meeting of Irish cellist Tara-Lee Byrne and French pianist Jordane François, on the Australian East Coast in the famous beach town of Byron Bay, where they now reside, in the land also named Bundjalung.

Tara-Lee and Jordane are classically trained professional musicians, schooled in the European traditions having forged their performing and teaching careers in Europe. As a duo they pursue their passion for sharing their music outside of the stereotypical classical concert halls. Their choice of repertoire delves into a realm filled with deeply introspective and reflective music.

The dynamic and versatile Onyx Duo has transfigured their classical training to freely explore and cross the musical boundaries of classical, contemporary and popular music genres. 

The Onyx Duo is anchored in Australian land, passionately exploring the work of present day emerging Australian  composers and bringing these fresh compositions to a diverse audience. 

If you were wondering.. well, yes, The Onyx Duo is aptly named after the Onyx gemstone and its powerful protective qualities. From bringing shades of protection against negative energy to keeping the senses sharpened and encouraging a steadfast approach to a life filled with joy and fortune, Onyx is a stone of decisiveness and strength.

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We thrive in creating innovative projects and collaborative artistic experiences. 

We don't believe in limitations.

Intimate house concerts, soirées, collaborative art projects, gallery launches, poetry, festivals, interdisciplinary visual art, physical theatre, live events, soundtracks, CD recordings.

If you have a concept you wish to discuss, let's brainstorm. 


the onyx duo

The osmosis created by the piano and cello is a perfect combination, setting a timeless, intimate musical atmosphere for you and your guests to experience on the most magical day of your lives. 

Jordane & Tara-Lee have performed at over 1000 weddings in Europe and Australia. We are passionate to create an unforgettable musical experience tailored to your vision

Are you getting married in Byron Bay?


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